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EmpowerPlay; revolutionising netball

When Trish Crews, Raewyn Elsegood and Samantha Jack, noticed that their daughters weren’t enjoying playing netball anymore, feeling anxious about themselves and their games, Team GEM didn’t quite know what to do, just that something had to change.   “We knew our daughters needed help, but we also wanted to ... More

Round 1 Bushfire Recovery Grants Announced

Eight netball clubs and associations from across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have received more than $50,000 in grants through Round 1 of the Confident Girls Foundation Bushfire Recovery Grants initiative.   As Netball Australia’s official charity, the Confident Girls Foundation, established ... More

Round 2 Bushfire Recovery Grants Now Open!

Alongside the announcement of the Round 1 Bushfire Grant recipients on Monday 22nd June, the second round of grants also became available for application and will close 2:00pm AEST 31st July 2020.   Similar to the Round 1 process, there will be two tiers of grant sizes, $1,500 and $10,000. If you, or a netball ... More

Naomi’s MVP moment

Through the support of the Confident Girls Foundation, Northern Territories’ Marie Little Shield team, the Dragonflies, were able to participate in the national competition for another year. An undeniable benefit in the lives of those who’ve made a community around the event.   For Naomi, who has played ... More