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General Questions

  • What is the Confident Girls Foundation?

    The Confident Girls Foundation aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged girls to thrive through netball. Using netball as a delivery tool, we are assisting vulnerable girls and their communities to overcome gender, social and cultural barriers. We want them to recognise that they have the skills and capabilities to achieve their dreams.

    We raise funds, and distribute them to netball membership organisations and community organisations across Australia who run inclusive programs building resilience. Through netball, the Confident Girls Foundation is creating opportunities for girls to come together and build confidence, empowerment, leadership, acceptance, and a sense of belonging, transforming confident girls into confident women.

  • How can I support the Confident Girls Foundation

    If you want to get involved, there are many ways that you can show us your support:

    Take a look at our Support the Cause page for more information.

  • Where do the funds raised go?

    The Confident Girls Foundation uses a rigorous process to ensure funds reach those most in need. This includes grant making, transparency and accountability.

    Money raised provides netball engagement programs with a focus on helping girls overcome barriers to social and economic opportunities, both on and off the court

    Funds received go toward supporting programs, leadership and mentoring opportunities, netball equipment and coaching across Australia.

  • Can I apply to the Confident Girls Foundation for support?

    At the Confident Girls Foundation, we have a strong grant making policy and a very rigorous process to ensure that the funds raised reach those individuals and communities who need our help most.

    This makes it exceptionally rare for us to consider unsolicited submissions and we regret that we are unable to respond to individual requests for support.

    Our aim is to be very strategic and pro-active in helping vulnerable girls thrive through netball. In doing so, we work closely with Netball Australia state and territory member organisations and community partners in allocating and distributing our funds and support.

  • What is the Australian Sport Foundation and what has it got to do with Confident Girls?

    The Confident Girls Foundation has been developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). The ASF provide and facilitate services that assist the Australian community to fund-raise for sport by offering tax deductibility for donations to sport and to develop a culture of philanthropy, which supports sport and facilitates corporate/community/sporting partnerships.

    The ASF works with Confident Girls Foundation in helping to raise funds. With ASF’s listing in the Income Tax Assessment Act (ITAA) 1997 as a Deductible Gift Recipient it enables donations of $2 or more to be tax deductible.

    For information about ASF's terms and conditions click here


  • How do I collect donations?

    We recommend you to encourage people to donate through your online fundraising page by sending them a link to your page. This keeps the process simple and you can keep up to date how much money you have raised.

    For cash donations, we suggest you make a payment by direct debit or credit card to your online fundraising page. This means that you can recognise your donor on your page and ensures your offline donations are added to your personal tally.

    If you wish to send a donation by another method, contact us at info@confidentgirls.com.au

  • Can I get reimbursed for my fundraising expenses?

    The Confident Girls Foundation is not able to pay or reimburse any expenses that you incur for your fundraising activity.

  • Can I nominate where my funds raised are used?

    Individuals and groups are unable to nominate where funds are directed.

    In staying true to our mission, to provide opportunities for vulnerable girls to thrive through netball, the Confident Girls Foundation has implemented a rigorous process to ensure that funds raised reach those individuals and communities who need our help the most.

    We have agreements in place with state and territory Netball Australia Member Organisations and Suncorp Super Netball clubs, which ensure that a proportion of funds raised will benefit those communities in your state or territory.


  • Is my donation tax deductable?

    Donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible and the Australian Sports Foundation will issue receipts.

    We have collaborated with the Australian Sports Foundation to help raise funds. The Australian Sports Foundation is listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 as a Deductible Gift Recipient enabling donations of $2 be tax deductible.

  • Is the payment site secure?

    The Australian Sports Foundation uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to secure online credit card transactions. SSL is the most widely deployed security protocol used today.

  • Is my privacy protected?

    The Confident Girls Foundation and The Australian Sports Foundation comply with the Privacy Act 1988, in relation to any Personal Information that is collected, used, or disclosed.

    For further information about our privacy policy click here

  • How will I know if my donation has made a difference?

    Transparency is important to us here at the Confident Girls Foundation.

    We report back to everyone who donates about how the money raised has supported vulnerable girls including how we have used your money and what impact it has achieved.

    You can also keep up to date with what we are doing with your money and fundraisers by following up on our social media sites

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