Pacific Netball Series – First Nations Black Swans Debut

Congratulations to the First Nations Black Swans on their debut at the 2024 Pacific Netball Series in Brisbane.

This remarkable achievement marks the beginning of a new era for First Nations Peoples in the sport of netball.

Coming together for the first time several days before the tournament commenced, and holding their nerve against well-formed teams speaks to the depth of talent we know that’s across the First Nations community. To be able to not just step forward, but step up and say: “We are here, and we want to be representing our community with pride.”

This debut is not only a testament to their commitment to netball, but also a celebration of the strength, unity, and resilience that defines the First Nations communities.

Confident Girls Foundation is proud to be a principal partner of the First Nations Black Swans. Their journey resonates with our mission to support and uplift communities, creating opportunities for all to thrive. Through this partnership, we want to inspire First Nations women and girls, providing a culturally safe space and a pathway to netball excellence.

As we look ahead, we are excited to continue supporting the Black Swans in their journey. This is just the beginning, and we are committed to walking alongside the team as they reach new heights and inspire countless others along the way.