Macfarlane Diamonds Sparkle

When you love a sport, you want a chance to show people what you’re made of. For teacher Hannah Robbins, from Macfarlane School in the Northern Territory, she saw the passion her students had for netball and decided to make their dreams possible. If the girls kept a high attendance record throughout the year then Macfarlane would take a team to the Darwin Indigenous Netball Cup.


Throughout the semester, this shared goal allowed trust to grow in the school environment. Robbins noticed the girls feeling more comfortable seeking help when they were in times of need, having the confidence to speak up in class and even spending their lunch times teaching other students how to play.

It was with your help that the girls not only brightened in their classrooms but shone on the courts of Darwin. Their confidence grew with each game. It was especially promising for one Macfarlane Diamond, Siehannah, who received the under thirteen Rising Star Award during the competition and was selected for the Top End Indigenous team to play on the Gold Coast in January 2019, an opportunity she would not have had otherwise!


The positive outcomes are easy to see for a group of girls who dedicated themselves to a goal, formed a community around their sport and prioritized their education.


“Without the funding the Foundation provided we would not have been able to give these girls the chance to show their community how incredible they can be,” said Robbins. “Thank you for helping us show these girls what they’re made of”. This program will run again in 2019 with the help of the Confident Girls Foundation and we can’t wait to continue making a difference in the lives of girls living in remote areas!