Beauty Overcomes Oceans

There’s something about a netball carnival that pushes you that little bit further. For Beauty, a player in the Waibene Netball Association it was when she realised how much sport meant to her, “It has changed my whole outlook on sport. It’s all about working as a team and not about how many goals you score”. Yet it’s not easy to find the resources to get to these key stepping stones when there’s an ocean between you and the courts.


That’s exactly the situation that Waibene Netball Association found themselves in. Located on Thursday Island the club has 53 members, some of who travel from outer islands to get to training and games. For this tight knit community the Sharon Finnan Development Cup is of undeniable importance. It offers pathway opportunities for Indigenous and Torres Strait Island netballers, who make up 75% of the Waibene membership.


During months of fundraising the whole community came together to help the girls achieve their dreams, but they just missed their target! That’s when our donors came to help and got the girls across to the mainland. Out of the 20 players who attended the carnival, seven were selected for development squads; a staggering number for such a small club.


Beauty was blown away by the opportunity, “It was just an absolutely amazing experience… I have learnt so much, improving my attitude towards life and helping me be more resilient and confident.” Netball is the most popular sport for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls aged 4-14 years (ABS 2018) yet only two Aboriginal women have progressed through the pathway to the Diamonds national team; because of your assistance girls like Beauty get an opportunity to reach their potential.