The Creating Confidence Program

The statistics are now common knowledge. One in every three women will experience physical violence
from the age of 15. A woman dies every week at the hands of a previous or current partner. 18% of Australian
women have been sexually assaulted (OurWatch 2018). These figures don’t just impact the women who are
subjected to the violent behavior but also their children.


That’s why Senior Constable Jo-Anne Arthur decided to create a program to help struggling families.
With your help, the Foundation was able to assist Arthur in forming the Creating Confidence program
alongside the Caboolture Netball Association and Moreton Police District. It was a way for police and the
netball communities to form a partnership that taught resilience, formed a safe space and most of all created
a little bit of fun – because these are kids after all, and they deserve to feel like it!


“I see how troubled kids can be after what happens in the home, I have seen these children transform and
become more confident through sport,” explains Arthur, “Netball has given them somewhere to go and
forget about everything, even if it’s just for an hour.”


The program runs multiple events, Suncorp NetSetGO, coaching for those who are new to the game, winter
and summer seasons, representative development and squad selection. Altogether roughly 45 girls have
benefitted from the program – as well as their families. The program also ošers education to all members of
the association on healthy relationships, respect and domestic violence. Coaches have a program to make
them aware of vulnerable children and what to do if a child is at risk.


One mother of two participants talked about how the program has helped her, “It’s a great distraction
for the girls during hard times. In the past being in big crowds and open spaces is something we avoided.
Going to netball has been like an escape… [it] is bringing big changes to our lives and we’re becoming
stronger together.”


After a successful beginning, the program will continue in 2019 with 15 girls already registered in the various