Together we can Shine Brighter

The Diamonds farewell luncheon in Sydney was an event filled with collaborations.


Friends, family, partners and officials came together to wish the team good luck, Netball Australia and the NSW Government announced their partnership in a bid for the 2027 World Cup and the elite netball community raised money for the Confident Girls Foundation.


It’s a testament to the depth of community that netball has within Australia, that so many groups were brought together in celebration and responsibility.


Speeches were given by Netball Australia CEO Marne Fechner, NSW Minister for Sport John Sidoti and Diamonds Captain Caitlin Bassett, with reams of photos taken in front of the Opera House.


Throughout the event attendees had the opportunity to purchase tickets for a lucky draw prize, with all proceeds going to the Confident Girls Foundation. Tickets were then drawn at random by Confident Girls Foundation Ambassador Caitlin Thwaites.


Several prizes were donated by Netball Australia partners; Suncorp, Fashion Bunker, Asics, PTP Fit, Gilbert, Canningvale and Hertz. Ranging from a $500 eftpos voucher to a Gray Nicholls Ultra Cricket Bat signed by Mitchell Mars.


Together over $2000 was raised for the foundation which will go directly into programs that support vulnerable girls.


The event was a recognition of the Australian Diamonds as role models in their field, of netball as a pillar of the community and how elite sport can, and does, create opportunities for those at a grassroots level.


A celebration of how together, we can all work to create a country of confident girls and women.