Tess Finds Community in Competition

For Tess, joining the Give for a Goal fundraising last year was a no brainer. She knew that if her social team committed to spreading the word, then support would follow. So Tess sent an email out to her division at the beginning of the season and kept her fingers crossed.


The response was unexpected. Playing at Albert Park, her team committed to donating what they scored against their opposition. What they didn’t bank on was the opposition doing the same! Which Tess said took the pressure off, “We were really lucky to have the support of our opponents donating a dollar for each goal they scored against us. It meant even if we lost, it was still a win for such an important cause!”


We agree! Whilst it’s great to get that adrenaline rush from a win, we think coming together to support others is just as brilliant. If after the game nothing had been mentioned about Give for a Goal, Tess would talk to the other team and provide them with a link to her fundraising page. Soon even the recreation centre staff had joined in on the action.


“Netball is a great vehicle to empower vulnerable girls; it promotes confidence, a sense of community and gender equality. The work the Confident Girls Foundation does is so important, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”


This year Tess is playing and coaching for Caulfield Bears as part of the Southern Football Netball League. “I think it’s great getting adults involved in the fundraiser, they definitely want to, when I bring it up people are so enthusiastic.” The plan is to get all her teams participating!


Thanks Tess for spreading the word about the great things the Confident Girls Foundation does and using your passion to make a difference.