Krystal Shoots for Confidence

When you love netball and your mum says you need to help the community – Confident Girls is the answer.


Playing five nights of netball a week, Krystal decided the best way to get involved was to join the Confident Girls Give for a Goal fundraiser that ran June last year.


As a shooter for the West Balance in Newcastle and the Central Coast Heart in the Metro League of Sydney it was a great opportunity to not only practice her skills, but reach her fundraising goals.


“I love Netball because you’re a part of a community and the team environment encourages me to play my best; for myself and my team mates,” says Krystal.


Krystal saw huge success after fundraising _ by asking people on social media to donate a dollar for every goal scored. She also reached out to her local community, school friends and team mates for support the cause which she is very close to her heart.


“I’ve made so many friends, travelled to many different places and hopefully inspired one little girl to follow their dream.” said Krystal.


Her efforts across the month long appeal, even encouraged one of her friends to begin their own Give For a Goal fundraising journey.


“It was amazing to see others getting involved and connecting with their community. Hopefully there are many more this year!”


Krystal has already committed to fundraising for this years Give for a Goal which kicks off next month.


“Netball allows me to work hard and celebrate my love for the game and my culture, which is so important to me,” said Krystal.


“Having come from a background like a lot of the girls the foundation helps, I know that all it takes is one person to have your back to give you the confidence you need to realise that your dreams can come true; regardless of any barriers that might face growing up.”


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