Give for a Goal is back!

This June, we are asking you to join our movement to help empower vulnerable girls in Australia

Grab a ball and get shooting goals to help us reach 100,00 goals for $100,000. 


How many goals can you do?

Every goal you score helps a vulnerable girl get one step closer to reaching her own goal.


So, pledge how many goals you will score in June and get sponsored for your efforts.

Why do it?

Every girl has aspirations and dreams of what they want to do when they grow up!


But reality is that girls who face the most adversity have the least support and resources to help them achieve these goals.


By joining the movement and shooting goals, you will help give vulnerable and marginalised girls a real chance at getting closer to achieving their dreams.

Backyard or school yard. Local park or local court. With your team, with your friends or just on your own. However you want to score your goals, join the movement to help vulnerable girls achieve their goals too.