Daughters raised with Confidence

Fathers of Girls started after a group of Queensland dads recognised the important role they played in growing daughters into confident women.


in partnership with fund raising activities, which is why they started Fathers of Girls.


The group works together to promote the importance of being a great dad, helps facilitate fathers connect with their daughters and fund raises for charities that support Australian girls.


One of the ways they did that was through the Give for a Goal fundraiser in 2018. However, Fathers of Girls chose to run their event a little differently. Instead of donating a dollar for every goal scored throughout the Give for a Goal month, they organised a special tournament where the group supported the goals of each and every team!


They hired out a court, helped their daughters learn the rules of netball and facilitated a fun day of sport in the name of helping disadvantaged Australians.


On top of all that they organised local figures to give speeches, teaching the girls about what it is that Confident Girls do and why it’s important to support others.


It’s great seeing people work together in the name of charity and being creative about how best they can do that. Give for a Goal isn’t just about raising money for vulnerable girls, it’s also about raising awareness.


It’s a way to form a supportive community and recognise our own confidence! Every person you chat to about donating learns about why it’s important to support Australian girls and that’s something we can all get behind.


Thanks Fathers of Girls for recognising the importance of building the confidence of your daughters and working together to help other Australian girls as well!


Reach out them to learn more at www.fathersofgirls.org or fathersofgirls@gmail.com or Instragram @fathersofgirls