Corporate Support

There are many ways that your business can get involved and show their support for the Confident Girls Foundation. No matter the size of your business, your contribution will help give every girl the chance reach her full potential.

Here are some ways for you to get involved:

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a simple, secure and effective method for employees to support our work.

You can sign up and donate to the Confident Girls Foundation through the Good2Give platform. This means employees can make small, regular donations from pre-tax income through their employer’s payroll system.

Getting involved in workplace giving not only helps contribute to our cause but has benefits to employers and employees as well.

  • How does it work?

    Once a business is signed up and registered with Good2Give, employees nominate a donation amount to go to the Confident Girls Foundation. This is deducted from their income each pay period. The donation is taken from their pay before tax is calculated, reducing their taxable income.

  • Employee benefits

    Making a contribution each pay is simple and easy. It doesn’t require any effort as it is automatically deducted from your pre-tax earnings through the business' payroll system. It is recorded on your pay slip so you will not have to hold on to your receipts until tax time.

  • Employer benefits

    Workplace giving is a great way for businesses to build their reputation in the wider community. They can consider matching the dollar amount that their employees donate to double the impact their business has on helping vulnerable girls to thrive.

Fundraising at your business

Fundraising in the workplace, can be simple, easy and help improve the working environment. There are many ways to fundraise in the workplace, including hosting a morning tea, having a dress up day or raffling off a free annual leave day.

Come up with your fundraising activity and start your online fundraising page and get fundraising!

Good luck and remember every little bit helps to give a girl the chance to reach her dreams, on and off the court.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are supported by businesses who share similar values and mission to ours. They help us to reach out to girls to provide them with the opportunities that they deserve.

See our chartity partners here

If your business is interested in helping those girls in Australia who are faced with every day challenges and obstacles of culture, religion and geographical location then please contact us by CLICKING HERE

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