Confident Girls Foundation and The Tie Dye Project Collaborate to bring the rainbow to the netball community!

And just when we thought our hearts were completely full of rainbows this year, we have been blessed with even MORE reasons to smile!

We are so excited to announce The Tie Dye Project is teaming up with The Confident Girls Foundation for the Team Girls Cup!


This year the Tie Dye project smashed its original goal of raising $30,000 to help fund a sarcoma research project at the Children’s Cancer Research Unit, and in fact has raised closer to $100k.

We have been overwhelmed by the support of the netball community who have helped make this happen! The silent auction and the sale of the netball bibs contributed significantly to our final total, and we are so thankful!

In return, we believe it’s time to give back to the netball community, after all it’s the reason Amy and Molly met in the first place!

For a while now, we have been following the work of the Confident Girls foundation and we love how they are helping girls right across our country during tough times of adversity and we are so excited to play a small part in what they do.

Molly’s cancer diagnosis took away her ability to play netball ever again, and so its Molly’s wish that if she can’t play anymore that she helps other girls who without the help of the CCF, may not be able to experience all the rainbows that the netball game brings to so many. We want to help create these opportunities, and we want to help see more girls experience the smiles that both Amy and Molly have been lucky enough to experience through the sport they love.

Confident Girls Foundation are you ready for a little tie dye? Because we are ready for you!

Stay Tuned to Team Girls Cup for the opportunity to win a set of Tie Dye Bibs signed by your favourite team!