Confident Girls Clinics Brighten the Sunshine Coast

Over the past 6 months Sunshine Coast Lighting have been running Confident Girls clinics in Queensland to support marginalised girls.


Each clinic is different depending on who the participants are. In May a clinic was held for those living with a disability, in June there was a clinic run for Indigenous girls from around the Sunshine Coast area.


For Kiah, who attended the June clinic, netball offers a lot more than exercise. “To me, netball means both fun and competition. As a sporty person, I’m familiar with being on the court but netball is different. It just makes me so focused, yet energetic and happy.”


The clinic also meant an opportunity to be involved in a program that didn’t make her feel different. “I was so happy to be here today because I was around other Indigenous kids like me… because I was doing netball with people like me.”


The clinics involve team building and fitness drills as well as confidence building activities where Confident Girls Foundation ambassadors Laura Langman and Laura Scherian talk to the girls about how to keep their confidence strong.


“It’s been really neat to meet some of the youth of today and hear their stories, it’s very grounding and quite inspiring for us,” Langman said.


“Confident Girls [Foundation] have lots of programs they want to roll out across Australia and we’ve been fortunate to be involved in some of the clinics.”


An amazing program that empowers girls to see just how strong they can be!


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