2019 International Day of the Girl

When girls come together great things happen. Especially when those girls are fighting for something. This year International Day of the Girl is all about recognising those that are a force to be reckoned with; it’s about breaking from the script and creating change, it’s about being unstoppable.


At the first World Conference on Women 25 years ago there were 9 indicators decided upon, that would be the platform of action in coming years (read more here). They are the backbone of what we do at the Confident Girls Foundation. Every program that we support addresses one or more of these areas of change.


To date we have made an impact in the lives of 61,785 girls. We have given over $1,325,142 towards eliminating disadvantage in Australia and we’ve done it over 433 locations.


This International Day of the Girl we will be shouting out to those girls who are at the heart of all our programs, who are fighting to create a better world; a fairer world.


We’re saying thank you to the students at Macfarlane Primary School, who are committed to their education and being leaders of their communities. You are the force behind the Macfarlane Diamonds, and your efforts at the Indigenous Netball Carnival blow us away each year. Thank you for wanting to create greater opportunities for yourselves and your friends.


To Chelsea Hancock, who attended the Sunshine Coast Lightning Indigenous Confident Girls Clinic. You are a leader. Thank you for taking what you learnt and teaching it to others, grabbing your neighbours, teaching them about netball and running games on your street.


Thank you to Tiarna Keeney, a student from NSW who reached out to us about being the best sports captain that she could be. You saw that girls were dropping out of sports after year 9 because they were worried what the boys would think of them. It’s because of you we are now in the process of developing a program to support your peers.


It’s a big thanks to the girls in the Creating Confidence program who work hard to trust themselves and others after living with domestic violence. You are an inspiration to all of us. It’s a thank you to their parents as well, who rock up to the police protected games and make a fresh start for them and their daughters.


We want to thank all our volunteers and fundraisers who grab their netball teams and Give for a Goal, who run events at their schools and raise awareness of what we do. You are a force to be reckoned with. To date our 2019 Give for a Goal campaign has raised $18,020.75 nearly double the target amount. You are passionate and empathetic, strong and kind.


We want to thank the kids who participate in Netball ACT’s multicultural outreach program, the girls who form All Abilities competitions, those who participate in Empowerplay, Diamond Spirit and Empowered Pies.


You are all changing the script and we wouldn’t be able to make a fairer Australia, without you fighting with us for your place at the table. You persevere and overcome adversity to find a brighter future.


So this Friday 11th October, and every day of the year, we say thank you to those amazing program coordinators, volunteers and community leaders that put their hand up for change but more importantly, we thank the girls in each of the programs we support.


You are committed to a GirlForce that’s unscripted and unstoppable, you work through adversity to become confident girls, thank you.


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